Defensive Network Security Consultants, LLC
Penetration Testing Services

Interested in assessing your network against the latest threats?  DNSC offers various types of assessments that can help identify your network’s current security posture.  Before any assessment occurs, a Rules of Engagement (ROE) document will be put in effect.  The ROE is the contract that authorizes the assessment and details that the rules that must be followed within the assessment.

  • Penetration Test
    • This test incorporates two scenarios: insider threat portrayal and outsider threat portrayal. 
    • Essentially any exploit is fair game.
    • Analysts employ the standard hacking methodology.
    • Mitigation Strategies are provided for all identified vulnerabilities.
  • Vulnerability Assessment
    • Comprehensive security assessment for a network.
    • Two step process
      • Susceptibility Assessment – This portion of the test identifies potential issues within the network.  This usually involves host-based and network-based scanning.
      • Penetration Test – This portion of the assessment is used to determine whether the identified issues can be exploited. 
    •  Mitigation Strategies are provided for all identified vulnerabilities.