Defensive Network Security Consultants, LLC

DNSC offers the following Cybersecurity Assessment services.

Cybersecurity Consulting Services:

  • Cybersecurity Documentation Review
    • Review of Policies, Standard Operating Procedures, and Guidelines
    • Review of Configuration Files (e.g. Network Devices, Firewalls, and Databases)
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training
    • E-mail Security
    • Social Engineering
    • Password Protection
  • Assessment Tool Training
    • Vulnerability Scanning Tools
    • Penetration Testing Tools
  • Test Methodologies
    • Penetration Testing
    • Compliance and Accreditation

Cybersecurity Assessment Services:

  • Vulnerability assessments to help identify vulnerabilities within your company's network/Information System (IS).
  • Application and network penetration testing on IS/networks.
  • Binary and Static source code reviews on custom built software applications.
  • Assist with hardening and maintaining IS/networks used for penetration testing.
  • Document technical issues identified for all security assessments.
  • Provide Mitigation Strategies for vulnerabilities discovered during assessments.
  • Research cutting edge security topics and new attack vectors.

Assessment Strategies:

The DNSC can also provide companies with customizable security plans to help improve the cybersecurity posture of your network.  DNSC can offer short term and long term security plans.  Contact us now to assist in your security needs.